What our customers say

Darryl Baldwin

To Whom It May Concern,
I just wanted to note for the record the excellent service that I received from Sanaz F. She demonstrated a great amount of patience, and keen level of awareness/knowledgewhile explaining a complex matter. Sanaz is a great example and testiment to your company and it's ability to hire quality service providers.


Just wanted to let you know you have outstanding customer support! If it weren't for your customer support, I would be hosting with someone else right now. Earlier today I kept getting frustrated with problem I was having with your postgre database since it wasn't localhost. I went on chat asking how to cancel my account. I spoke to guy named Aaron. He assisted me really well and tried his best to help me with some problems I was having. Even though the problems aren't resolved yet, thanks to him, I'm keeping my hosting here with you. It's not only Aaron - I had a couple of other employees from your support staff that really helped me well and took their time. I like the customer support with your company. Due to that, you will still have my business and I will refer you to anyone that asks me about great webhosting. I just thought id let you know and hope all is well good luck with everything.

Thanks for all the work and dedication

I am impressed. I have stumbled around for months and it looks like this is it. You come highly recommended and I am signing up (auto payment from my bank) I have a headache; I still don't know the cost of designing a page but it looks like you have distanced yourself from design and that is ok, a little warning that it will be separately charged might lessen the shock, so you are going to charge 7 bucks a month but the design, ahah that's an extra $500.!! I'm going to lunch, celebrate my good fortune at finding a decent if not superior web host, then I'll come back and pay for the thing. I'm also signing on as an affiliate. It's what I do full time and when I love something it gets a lot of play.


Dear Manager:
I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to a member of your tech support team who assisted me today- Jake. Jake spent over 45 minutes with me on the tech support chat system figuring out a problem with my server web logs. Some of the first attempts to solve the problem revealed additional issues, and so forth. Jake persevered and creatively came up with fixes to the problems. I would like to thank Jake for his hard work and make his efforts know to you.


Your tech help desk person "Sanaz" was excellent and helped me figure out a frustrating problem in a matter of minutes. I give her a 5 star (*****) rating. She deserves a cookie.

Laurie Harley, President
Aardvark Writing

I switched to Website Source from another hosting company that had caused me numerous problems. I've tested other hosting services for clients with awful results - all of which were resolved by *your* Tech Support crew! Thanks, Juan, for getting me out of another sticky situation this morning! You guys are the absolute best! I think i might become a reseller with Website Source; i know i'll be offering the best that there is!

Steven P. Hailey
President/CEO CyberSecurity Institute

I wanted to write and say how pleased I am with WEBSITESOURCE as my hosting provider. As a former Web professional with 8 years experience configuring and maintaining Web servers for a Fortune 50 company, I can tell you that the services and features I am getting with my hosting plan through you are phenomenal.
After repeated problems with xxx Internet Services, and an "upgrade" by them this past weekend which rendered my business site content inaccessible, I decided to move the site to WEBSITESOURCE using my existing hosting plan with you. I was able to move the entire site and have it up and running again in under ten minutes. This was primarily due to the ease of use and intuitiveness of the Web based control panel provided as part of my plan.
I will be recommending to all of my colleagues that they move their sites to WEBSITESOURCE.


One of the best hosting resources I have ever tried. Technical support is simply great: good service and fast. What a great web hosting company!


I have been with your company for 6 years. And Juan has helped us with any problems or issues that have come up. Anyway we feel that he is a very polite and efficient. Also we would just like to say that Website Source Hosting has a valuable employee.

Thanks again Vince

I would like to give all my gratitude to Vincent of WebsiteSource for all his effort and knowledge in fixing our oscommerce and forum sites. He puts 110% of dedication to get things resolved.
Highly Recommended. AAAAA++++++


I just had to let you know how much I appreciate the top quality hosting service you provide. I'm trying to learn website design and at the same time use the website for sharing game objects that I and others make. your set up is so easy to use and so efficient. I really appreciate you!


I've done business with your company for some time now and have always been satisfied with the hosting service. Thank you for your (as always) excellent help.

Rich Bennett

I've been with WebsiteSource for 5 years now and they have been great. I'm a Reseller and all my customers have been happy with their services. I had one problem with a domain registration for a new website and Ben from their Live Chat fixed it right away.


Your techies know their stuff, Patrick Diana, and Sergio are the ones I usually get, and they have all both been fantastic in helping me, walking me through the problems and just generally keeping with me until resolved. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you have a really good (human) crew over there.
You guys (and girls) rock!

Amy Fethke

Websitesource has excellent customer service. This is my first time getting a web site up and your staff has been wonderful with guiding me through the technical details and learning curve in the process. I really appreciate the support. (Feel free to include my testimonial in your promotional efforts.)


I don't usually write these kinds of notes but in this case I felt it was in order. I have been designing and hosting sites for almost a decade. And in that time, I've had some of the biggest names in the business as my provider. I've found in every single case that support was where these major companies fell short and that's an important feature for me. I'm taking a moment to thank Website Source Hosting by offering this letter of testimonial. Since I chose them as my hosting provider, I have yet to be disappointed. The rare times that I was concerned about anything regarding the performance of my site the situation was explained and remedied much faster than I expected. I'm a tough client, and they have completely satisfied me.
Affordable doesn't have to mean cheap - and, no, they didn't pay me to say that.
Thanks Website Source Hosting,

Rev. Dale Colvin

Being a novice and dummy when it comes to publishing my first web page, of course I came across certain barriers and confusions that was basically driving me up the wall. I must say, the Support crew of Website Source Hosting are most definitely the best guardian angels a novice such as myself can ever pray for. For them to have the patience in dealing with a novice and work on the problems until it's solved and fixed qualifies them for sainthood, for they are indeed miracle workers. Website Source Hosting is far more efficient and knowledgeable than the last hosting service I once had an account with.
Thank you Website Source Hosting, and most especially your Support Crew!

Helbard Alkhassadeh

I'm not sure where to begin. I decided to move my domains to a new host after my local ISP company decided to close down on Sundays and only work half days on Saturday. Needless to say, I was always in need of tech support during those hours. I began my search for my new host a couple months ago and found a company that sounded like a great deal. I gave them my money and they told me that within 24 hours I would be ready to upload my files. Two weeks later, my sites were still down, no communication from this "award winning" company and I was steaming angry. I demanded my funds back, they gave me trouble with the refund and on top off all that horrible service, the tech support guy hung up on me.
I found your company online from a list, I called 10:00am, by 2:00pm I was uploading. I'm not sure how you do it. It scares me. I am truly impressed. I received a call from you asking to verify my account. I missed the call twice, yet you didn't give up until you reached me. That is customer service. The fact that you don't give up to make sure I'm satisfied.
I've called you tech support twice to answer some basic questions. I haven't had any problems, your people are patient, professional and knowledgeable of the products you provide.
I am now spreading the word. 3 of my business partners have switched over to you in the past two weeks. I don't want anything for it, just continue your great work. I'm impressed.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for giving me hope in humanity.

Ben Vaughn, President
AutoWeb Technologies

I've been with you guys about 9 months now. I can say nothing but great things about your company. The support is very good, VPS is very reliable, easy to use and administer. your support always goes the extra mile to help us with roadblocks that we sometimes fumble with. I know each of your CSR's by name and consider your company to be more than a vendor...you're good friends that we can count on to help us run our business. I recently received a support survey from a competitor of yours that we used to do business with (until we found you). One of the questions was, "what can we do to be improve our support?" My response was, "Close your company down, go to work for websitesource.com (the best in the biz) and learn how a real web services company is run." They probably didn't like hearing that.
Thanks again for making our lives easier. Josh, Ken, Adam, Chris...you guys are awesome.

Mike Jandreau

I've just set up my account with WebsiteSource a few days ago, and their support through the process of moving all our sites to their network was amazing. I'm very pleased so far with everything.
Not only are the prices great, but you actually get way more than you pay for with them. I recommend them to anyone looking for a new hosting company. I've used five in the past (and I work for the 6th largest one in the world), and I'd recommend this over any and all of them.


You guys (the support technicians) are the best. 30 seconds after submitting the ticket my problem was resolved. Tell your managers to give you all a big raise this year. Thanks.

Jo Ana Starr

Your company is amazing ! I have run successful web businesses for about 5 years, and have had them hosted at quite a few hosting companies and eventually left in frustration over the lack of tech support or ineffective tech support.
Did I mention your company is amazing? You have smart tech support, helpful sales people, a text editor that's a dream, great templates, and the best prices I have ever encountered. I know it sounds like I am the Boss's Mom(with all this bragging), but I'm not. And even though I AM just a customer, I get treated like I'm the Boss's Mom!
Thank you for running your business as if it really matters, because it does!

James Bell-President
Golfer's Caddy Pro Shop

If you are looking for a hosting company and you do not choose Website Source Hosting, then you do not take your business seriously. Thank you, Website Source Hosting. Keep up the good work! We love you guys!


Your help desk is superb. All of your tech support guys know what they are doing and are professional when dealing me. They always fix my problems without fail. By far the best service I've ever seen. I feel lucky to be under your good graces.


One year, going on 2 and never experienced any problems with Website Source. You guys are truly awesome. Is it possible to "love" a Service Provider in this high-tech world that we live in today? Keep up the amazing work and incredible customer service. You just can't be beat!

Gary Carr

Major Kudos to Website Source Hosting! I have been using your hosting services for over a year and have been completely satisfied. I have added several other domains, and have referred many other people to Website Source Hosting website for hosting. Everyone I know that uses your services, says they are outstanding. Building a custom site using the online tools is easy and it actually looks good too.
Many thanks to those tech support folks who know your servers very well and have helped me.
I would and do recommend Website Source Hosting!

Pete van der Paardt

I couldn't be happier with the level of service I've gotten from Website Source Hosting. your tech support is awesome and user friendly, even for an amateur like me.

Scott P. Dailey

I have two accounts on Website Source Hosting and have so for a long time now. I've watched them grow, grow, grow. Because I am a perfectionist, I often stay up well into the night tweaking and debugging website-related conflicts. On dozens of occasions, I have had to call upon Website Source Hosting's online chat and without fail they have come through in a pinch. I have absolutely not a single bad thing to say about this firm. They are completely, categorically and in all other ways total pros that sincerely care about their clients - no matter how big or how small. Kudos, Website Source Hosting!

Jerry W. Benjamin

I am pleased with the customer service attributes that your tech. support personnel by the name of "Stephanie" in which she'd given great help and valuable information to me as a customer. I am very pleased to have joined your hosting plans. I just finished setting up a third company for your plans. I now have 3 websites being hosted with your company and am about to join your affiliate program. All thanks goes to God, you and your personnel, Stephanie. Josh has helped me as well in the past and too, was excellent in the way he assisted me.
Thanks again,


I have a couple of sites hosted with Website Source, and I think their service is excellent. It is essential my sites have no downtime, and I have had none since I started using this very professional company.

Alistair Brookbanks

CubeCart.com was setup in lightening speed even though I chose to pay offline. The support is very professional and response time out of this world. Thank you Website Source Hosting I feel proud that you host my site and I look forward to many happy years here. The golden rule with hosting "You get what you pay for"! For me Website Source Hosting may not be the cheapest but the service is great and there are plans for everybody.
Keep up the good work it is awesome.


What a joy you are to work with! I don't know when I have had such an easy time getting my client's website set up and running . You are the best, the fastest and are always there to answer my questions and solve my problems! Thank you for starting your company for web designers like me.

James Morris

I have to say that the level of service provided by Websitesource is second to none. I have been hosting with them for over 2 years, and they always give a quick and professional response to any questions.


I am very glad that I tried Website Source. I am very happy with them and they are always very nice even when you lose it. They have many perks. I have used cheaper ones but this is worth it for the price they ask. If you don't use Website Source Hosting you are making a mistake!


After being burned by 2 other Webhosting companies, I was hesitant to try Website Source, but I'm glad I did because you guys are really reliable & professional. The Tech Support Group is always there when you need them day or night. The funny thing is, they actually help in many different ways & they're always so nice even when you've just about lost it! Website Source Hosting, you're doing something right here, keep it up! I would recommend you to anyone & everyone! You've got a great staff! Thank you so much!

Abdullah Jana

With the web interface upgrade that you made last week.....It is great and beautiful service. I must say this because you deserve it.... Thanks to you and to your efforts.

Jack McGuirk

Hey, there may be cheaper hosting services but not with all these perks. I have had my site hosted here for 9 months and they just keep adding value for my money. Why run a server from home?

Larry Lourcey

I could not be any happier with my Website Source Hosting account. My website is always working and the 24/7 online support has come in handy many times. Thanks Website Source Hosting!

Zach Rodgers

I just want to let you guys know that your web hosting technical support guys are awesome. They are very fast at answering questions and are always very helpful. I have been with you guys for little over a year now and I have no complaints at all!!!

Eric Heiberg

The great thing about Website Source Hosting is that they have taken the most successful concepts and features of the industry and combined them all together into one efficient package. More importantly, they ADAPT by continuing to upgrade and offer their customers more for their money. The support is outstanding. The price is amazing. The level of control is wonderful. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.

Aaron Douglas

I've been a customer for almost a year and I've never been anything but impressed. All services on the site are consistently up and I've never run into a problem that web hosting technical support couldn't fix through live chat. Great control panel, excellent bandwidth, and speedy e-mail all make even the cheapest plan better than most ISP's top-end plans! Great job!

John Biondo

Website Source Hosting is awesome! I have only been with Website Source for three months, but I am entirely convinced I will NEVER have to change hosts again. FAST help when you need it and great support tools! This is one great host site!

Allen Weber

your support staff is solid platinum. Calling them golden is an insult to their dedication, knowledge, and helpfulness. Simply put they are the best I have ever dealt with. Rather than brush off a question, they are actually interested in solving it. Doing research if necessary and coming up with a solution.
I am really glad I found your service. With a staff like this, and pricing like you have, I am your customer for life!

Deborah Lorenz

I am so happy with my web site experience. I have had a little experience with updating a site and even for an amateur like me, this was pretty simple and the site pages always work! Thanks! /p>

Robert Stermer-Cox

your support team and support program is WONDERFUL! After dealing with error prone, lousy tech support companies like ****.com, your tech support system and techs (Adam and Brodie just to mention a couple of really good guys!) are several steps up. your techs are professional, courteous, and very helpful. As a consultant to small companies, I am always looking for solutions to my clients' problems. Since your tech support is far superior to most of the companies I deal with, I will be recommending your company to my clients for their e-commerce solutions.

Rich Bladek

WebsiteSource is a great website hosting company. your Customer Service and web hosting technical support staffs are true professionals. I needed a Microsoft FrontPage hosting provider and I found it! The Live Chat support feature is number 1! Website Source Hosting means CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thanks!!!

Jean Marc Joubert

Hello. As a client since 1999 and I am writing to let you know that I have been very pleased with websitesource services. But recently I needed some technical help and David assisted me until things worked. Thank you for you wonderful tech support and appreciated help and assistance.
Keep on the good work.

David Phillips

Website Source Hosting is the best in the business, bar-none! Highly recommended.

BK Miller

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with Website Source. I have 2 accounts with Website Source and am still amazed with how many features they offer at such low prices. Add to that, tech support is always fast and friendly. I also appreciate that the sales team gives you a call when a new account is created, usually within 10 minutes, even if it's late at night! Too good to be true sometimes, but keep it up! :)

Kevin McLachlan

The Live Support is not only a great feature provided by Website Source, but it is very well done. There is always someone cheerfully ready to assist me right when I log on, and they make sure you get helped! Christian seemed to go out of his way to make sure my Mailing List work, and I appreciate that very much. The service is astounding!

Kathy Koepke

We have had your hosting service since 11/01 and have found it to be the most reliable service around. Whenever we have had questions or needed assistance whether on-line live or via e-mail we have always received prompt, courteous responses. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that is truly dedicated to customer service.
Keep up the great work!

Charles Anderson

Awesome service! Recommended by me. Great service and ease of use. Caters to high bandwidth!!! Great Stuff!

Jasen Cooke

I looked for a long time to find a place that was affordable and offered full service web hosting. I just wish I would have found Web Site Source a couple years ago.
The tech staff is outstanding and on top of that, they are very friendly, which is a plus when your frustrated and having trouble with your site or publishing software. I've paid more for web hosting and have gotten far less then the service I get here at Website Source Hosting. This is the place for professional web hosting for the professional and non professional alike.

Dave Hill

Wow! From the time it took to register until Website Source Hosting first webpages were on line was less than four hours. I have used other hosting sites that take days to get this done. Great work Website Source.

Sam Fields

Recently, I finally became so frustrated with Website Source Hosting old ISP that I started looking for a new one. I can't tell you enough how happy I am that I found Web Site Source!
I have had a couple of occasions to deal with your web hosting technical support. I have NEVER received the level of support that I have with Website Source Hosting. My emails are answered promptly, and your live chat support is absolutely astounding! As a computer helpdesk manager, I demand only the highest quality from my subordinates -- WEBSITE SOURCE is definitely up to the task!


I have 2 accounts with WebSiteSource, and if I had 10 more sites I would put them all here. The support & service I receive from Website Source Hosting is top notch. For example:
I was experiencing some FTP performance problems and posted a request to the 'Help Desk'. Within 5-10 minutes my problem was resolved (almost before I received my request confirmation email). Most online support services will get back with you within 24 hours, not Website Source Hosting, they have always been very prompt in dealing with any concerns I may have, and have always come through 100%.
I would also like to extend my thanks to the actual person who fixed my FTP problem.."THANKS".
Keep up the great work

John Collignon

Website Source Hosting is an outstanding web site hosting company for anyone wanting a real dedicated group of concerned professional customer service oriented one on one web site service provider. I needed a Microsoft Frontpage hosting provider. I found Website Source Hosting to be that and much more. They are interested in solving any problem or question you may have. Their 24 hr direct on-line support is outstanding. I have two sites, and will add as many more as I need. Thank you Website Source Hosting for providing what everyone is offering, but have a hard time to provide "REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE"!

Anatoly Smelkov

I'd like to wish all the Web Site Source team a Merry Christmas! Let your business success grows as you really deserve it.
Being your hosted part for almost a year now I want to thank you for the greatest support, reliability and service range that I never met in any other web hosting company. And I tried a lot of them.
Thanks again, guys. Keep up the good work!

Slobodan Cucak

Hi, As reseller I appreciate all the work done by Website Source Hosting Staff to get us going 100% and with no major problems. Initial problems were quickly resolved either via Live 24 hrs Chat Line or by Help Desk. Keep up the good work and wish you all prosperous and happy New Year 2002.

Jeffrey A. Katz

I would like to comment on web site source. They are the best company I have come across. I have used over 30 different professional hosting company's, and website source is by far the best.

Tone Williams

Web Site Source's customer service is TOP OF THE LINE! The live chat is nice when you want answers within minutes./p>


So easy to setup. I was surprised!


I wanted to take the time to tell you all what a great job that you are doing. your web hosting services are easy to use, reliable and efficient all at a reasonable price. Please keep up the great work. I am not a coder but have been doing my own website for quite sometime and with your control panel I feel like a professional.

Tony Thomas

"Website Source is the BOMB. No other can fade this awesome Hosting Company. I was shocked at the speed everything was done. I have tried many other company and none can compare to Web Site Source. If nobody believes me just try it out, I promise YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED. I thank you Web Site Source for keepin it REAL!!! All you other hosting companies EAT your HEART OUT. As far as I'm concerned I'll be with this Company for a LONG time."

One happy newbie,
Sherman Keene
Manager of Multimedia Services
AlphaGraphics Worldwide Headquarters
Tucson, Arizona

"Holy smokes! What a cool system you have created!
I just spent a few minutes cruising around in the Control Panel of my brand new web page (shermankeene.com). I am VERY impressed. your designers and technical people are doing phenomenal work. You must have trainers working there because everything makes perfect sense and starts gently and at the beginning. It is SO cool to see such care being taken with teaching an obviously excellent system!
I'm excited to learn about all the cool things you offer and at such an affordable price!"

Margery Pearl-Gurnett

"Thanks again for walking me through the maze. It really just doesn't come easy for me."

Tracey J.

My name is Tracey Johnson and I am writing because I want you to know how especially pleased I was with the help Stuart provided to me last night. I was having trouble publishing updates to my website and I emailed your company and got an Angel on the other end. Stuart was very patient and very understanding. Never did I feel like I was bothering him because some of the things he asked me to do, I didn't quite understand but Stuart walked me through. I could just tell by his response that he didn't mind answering my questions at all. Also, I can't believe how prompt your company was in responding to me when I signed-on the live chat. I am so used to waiting HOURS when I call somewhere for support. If I ever hear tale of someone looking for a web site hosting service, you better believe I will be recommending your company without any hesitation. It is surely nice to have someone that has patience, is polite and knows what they are doing - Stuart is that person. More companies need to have employees like Stuart.
Again thank you, thank you, thank you, Stuart for your help. You sure were an Angel to me last night.

Best, Paul

Superb Tech Support! Just wanted to tell you that I received excellent support from one of your members in the help team, Saji. Also, I appreciate the new features that you have provided.
Please distribute to appropriate persons.


We are very pleased with the service from Website Source. I built and maintain the website for an assistant pastor of our church. He pays for it so I was thinking about looking for something cheaper, but the service we get is priceless. There is a lot of truth to the quote: "The sweet taste of a lower price wears off long after the bitter taste of bad service".
Thank you for your help.