Shopping Carts

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Shopping Cart Software included with each Hosting Plan

A shopping cart is a piece of software that completes the ordering process through a website. Typically, a shopping cart is the interface between a company's site and its deeper infrastructure, allowing consumers to select merchandise; review what they have selected; make necessary modifications or additions; and purchase the merchandise. A shopping cart provides a well-organized business structure such that the visitors to the site are easily able to find the products that they are interested in and provides an easy and secure way for customers to order. All Website Source hosting plans include free shopping cart software applications. For those that are looking for a hosting plan compatible with Google Checkout, you've found it!

We offer several different shopping cart systems

osCommerce gets down to business! This software is more than just a pretty face. It's a full-blown business with everything you need to administer your cybershop and conduct business. You don't need any other applications to find www success. And it's free.

Zen Cart provides a sophisticated ecommerce store in less time. Allows you to spend more time on promotion and marketing where the real money is made. This package manages, tracks and reports all order data - who, what, where and when. A few clicks in your control panel and the software is installed.

Which one should I choose?

Your shopping cart choice will depend on the level of requirements that is necessary for your website. For example, those looking for an easy-to-use shopping cart choose Zen Cart. Webmasters with a more sophisticated online store will, while stores that do not require inventory tracking use osCommerce. The shopping cart that is included with your account is dependent on which plan you choose.

Which hosting plan should I order?

Most entrepreneurs start with our most economical plan, the All-in-One which includes osCommerce ecommerce software. However, if you anticipate fast growth or if you already have a large product inventory, we recommend the Power hosting plan which includes Zen Cart ecommerce software.

Which shopping cart do most webmasters choose for Ecommerce?

Most webmasters choose our Business Shared Hosting plan with Zen Cart. It is easy-to-use, requires no license fees, and powerful enough for shops with thousands of products.