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ID Protect Cloaks Your Personal Info for $9.99 a year.

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Offered for the following TLD's only: biz, com, info, mobi, name, net, org, me, ca, & co

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Which would you rather show to the entire world?

ID Protect, also called Secure WHOIS, places a shield between your registration data and prying eyes. It works much like an unlisted telephone number, keeping your personal information private and the service is only $10 annually per domain. Isn't your peace of mind worth ten bucks a year?

Unprotected Domain Name

Displays your personal information.

Organization Name: John Smith Productions, LLC.

First Name: John

Last Name: Smith

Address 1: 12 Main St

Address 2: Suite 100

City: Hollister

State: CA

Zip Code: 95023

Country: United States

Phone: (555) 555-1234


ID Protected Domain Name

Protects your personal information.

Organization Name: Privacy Protection Service

First Name: Private

Last Name: Private

Address 1: Private - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit

Address 2: Private

City: Private

State: Private

Zip Code: Private

Country: Private

Phone: Private


If you plan to build a site, you'll need a domain name - the address and identifier of your online presence. Domain names, like eBay, Amazon and are registered in a central database called Whois.

Using Whois, you can find out if a domain name is available. If not, you can lay claim to it, register it with Whois through a registrar (often your web host) and you own it - at least for 12 months. You'll have to re-register your domain name periodically just to let them know you're still active.

Along with registered domain names, the Whois database also lists the individual or company that owns the name. In many cases, contact information including an address and even a telephone number are listed, as in available to virtually anyone interested in harvesting your personal information. And, in an age when personal information is stolen, manipulated and abused, do you really want your telephone number and home address floating through cyberspace for any geek or goon to use and subvert? Of course not.

What Can ID Protect Do For You?

  • Completely eliminate domain-related spam, giving you more time each day to actually run your business.
  • Prevent identify theft and fraud. All the bad guys need is a little information and a plasma TV, bought in Mongolia, appears on your next credit card bill.
  • Block harassers, stalkers, data miners and other headaches you just don't need.
  • Prevent domain hijackers from using your domain name to conduct illegal biz online.
  • Keep your sensitive, business-related data more secure from hackers, crackers, script-kiddies and other black hats.
  • Provide absolute peace of mind that your private info stays private.

Easy to set up a private domain registration

  • Step 1: If you haven't registered your domain yet, do so and add it to your purchase at checkout.
  • Step 2: If you have an existing domain registered elsewhere and want to go private, you first have to complete a domain transfer form - just a few facts. Once the transfer to Website Source hosting is complete, you simply use your administrator's console to add Secure Whois to your domain. Existing members of the community can add Secure Whois with a click on their administrator's console. Secure Whois will be activated after a routine security check of your site-related credentials.
  • Step 3: Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you're covered with an ID Protect security blanket, and that this protection will automatically renew each year so you don't have to give it another thought ever.

Note: If you registered your domain at the same time you enabled your hosting package with Website Source or you received a free domain name with your hosting plan, you can order secure whois by completing the secure whois order form.

Take a look at the two Whois base pages below. The one on the left includes a bunch of personal information required in order to register your domain. No way around it.

The page on the right is ID Protected. That's what someone would see if they tried to access your personal information through the very public Whois database.

And check out the user-friendly features ID Protect delivers for one low price.

  • Your own privacy agent - Your private information is protected by the Domain Privacy Protection Service (DPPS). Their contact info appears on your registration page, meaning if someone wants to reach you, they have to go through the DPPS first.
  • A totally dynamic email system - Prevents spammers and black hats from loading up or trashing your inbox by constantly changing your visible email address automatically. So, the address some data harvester grabs from the Whois database at noon will be useless by 1:00. And you don't have to do a thing.

Complete function control

  • It's still your domain. You can sell it, renew it, transfer it, make it soar or leave it parked on one of Website Source's ultra-secure servers. You give up nothing when you add ID Protect.
  • And you can go public with your domain registration data, should the need arise, simply by accessing your Domain Manager through your console. Click, and you're out there again.
  • Unlimited Peace of Mind - Lots for Cheap!
  • Just $9.99 a year to know your private information - your telephone number, street address, company name and other "none-of-your-business" information - remains private & secure.