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1stpoint Communications And Empire Ventures complete Shelcomm acquisition

01/25/2018 - PISCATAWAY, NJ, Wilmington, DE AND LOS ANGELES, CA :

1stPoint Communications and Empire Ventures jointly announced today that they completed the acquisition of majority of the outstanding shares of Shelcomm, Inc. Shelcomm has been a paging and mobile operator since 1998 in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding markets.

The acquisition of Shelcomm will provide 1stPoint and Empire's affiliates the ability to greatly enhance both their retail and wholesale SMS networks. "1stPoint sees messaging and collaboration as the future of the telecommunications and IT industry," said Kristen Vasicek, the Director of Marketing for 1stPoint, who lead the initial discussions with Shelcomm. "Building on our enterprise and carrier messaging solutions is a priority for us," she added.

The acquisition provides Shelcomm the ability to expand its footprint quickly, with immediate plans to build out the network in New York City, NY and Miami, FL. "We are thrilled to be working with 1stPoint and Empire," said Michael Schelin, Shelcomm's CEO. "The scope of 1stPoint's operational capability will create opportunities for expansion." Several key partnerships have already been implemented that will enhance Shelcomm's operations, including improved support for short code and a variety of end user APIs that allow service provides to easily transition their messaging applications to the 1stPoint and Shelcomm platforms.

"We expect that messaging will be the fastest growing component of our business," said Erik Levitt, CEO of 1stPoint and the new co-Chairman of Shelcomm. "Along with cryptocurrencies, which are going to drive substantial revenues toward our hosting business, SMS will be a key growth component of our New Way to Work strategy."

This acquisition is timely and pivotal to Empire's portfolio entities which includes a number of messaging companies, including Empire's affiliate Tunnel is a leader in SMS management platforms for call centers. This acquisition provides unprecedented access to provide mobile numbers and short code messaging to customers of its portfolio companies.

"SMS and mobile messaging has become essential not only to consumers, but businesses alike. This acquisition catapults our investment companies' ability to outperform any competitors in the marketplace" said Kent Charugundla, the Chairman of the Empire and new co-chairman of Shelcomm.

The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

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1stpoint and i-Comm Connect's partnership featured!

07/25/2017 - Internet :

1stpoint and i-Comm Connect’s partnership has been featured around the internet.

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1stPoint Communications and i-Comm Connect Announce Strategic Partnership

07.18.2017 - PISCATAWAY, NJ & PORTLAND, ME :

1stPoint Communications (“1stPoint”) and i-Comm Connect (“i-Comm”) today announced a strategic partnership whereby 1stPoint will resell TACTAL, i-Comm’s patented WebRTC calling solution that enables 1stPoint’s customers to receive phone calls directly from their web site. 1stPoint intends to deploy the product to both its enterprise client base, which includes verticals such as financial services, legal services, insurance, entertainment, light manufacturing and distribution, as well as its small-to-medium business customers through its WebSite Source (“WSS”) business unit.

“Web sites continue to be the focus of communication and interaction between businesses and their customers,” said Erik Levitt, 1stPoint’s CEO. “In conjunction with the converged services we are deploying, including our SMS/texting technology, i-Comm’s patented software allows our customers to interact with their customers in exciting ways, creating sources of sales and revenue. We embrace these innovative paradigms in supporting a new way to work.” 1stPoint announced the deployment of its hosted SMSC platform last year, adding texting to its existing portfolio, and subsequently added web hosting, cloud computing and virtual private servers through the acquisition of the assets of WebSite Source.

i-Comm’s browser-based calling solution is easy to deploy and empowers businesses to leverage their Internet presence by adding real-time, cost saving communication services. Key features include web-based toll-free call buttons, visual IVR menu, powerful analytics and integrations with CRM solutions to elevate and manage the customer experience.

According to Kevin Mahaney, i-Comm’s CEO, “We are very pleased to have 1stPoint join us as a strategic partner and are confident their customers will immediately see the benefits of TACTAL. 1stPoint has a strong reputation for delivering UC solutions to the business community, and now with TACTAL, they are positioned to open up new areas of growth, increase ARPU, and provide greater value to their growing customer base.”

About 1stPoint Communications, LLC

1stPoint Communications provides its clients a new way to work through its collaboration tools, text messaging, voice, data, mobility and Internet services.


About i-Comm Connect

i-Comm Connect is a cloud service provider offering a platform for real-time multi-channel communications. As a market leader, our focus is on developing cutting-edge technology (Patents: USA, Japan, & Canada) and driving the shift to innovative online customer engagement solutions.


Kristen Vasicek

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WebSite Source Expands into Open Data Centers Piscataway Facility

12/22/2016 - PISCATAWAY, NJ :

As part of its continued expansion of the WebSite Source (“WSS”) business unit, 1stPoint Communications has begun migrating client hosting systems into Open Data Centers’ Piscataway, NJ data center. WebSite Source provides virtual private servers, cloud systems, domain name registration and ecommerce services to its hosting customers. It currently operates systems in a data center facility located in Dublin, OH. “By operating systems in more than one data center facility WSS will be able to offer fully redundant hosting solutions to its clients,” said Kristen Vasicek, Director of Marketing for 1stPoint Communications. Ms. Vasicek is jointly responsible for product development for the WSS business unit.

The Open Data Center’s Piscataway facility has a 2N electrical and mechanical design. More than half of the infrastructure of the facility can fail and the critical systems within the facility would be completely unaffected. This level of redundancy is ideal for the operations of the WSS business unit. As part of the migration WSS is deploying a new fleet of servers and network equipment, expanding its capacity by over one thousand percent. “Our strategic vision for the business unit necessitates the expansion of our network and our systems,” commented Erik Levitt, 1stPoint’s CEO. “We are committing capital and resources to enhance the underlying infrastructure and build a best-of-breed environment that will complement the new services we intend to offer to our clients.”

1stPoint acquired WebSite Source in June, 2016 and has since expanded its virtual private server and cloud offerings, advanced managed storage solutions and integration with a number of software providers for backup and recovery. “We are very excited about the deployment of new services that will integrate our advanced messaging products,” added Vasicek. “We anticipate the release of those services in the first quarter of 2017. They will continue to advance 1stPoint’s position as a leader in developing the new paradigm for infrastructure deployment throughout the next decade.”

About 1stPoint Communications

1stPoint Communications provides integrated messaging, voice, data and mobile service for small businesses, enterprises and carriers. 1stPoint is committed to delivering all of the services business need to interact with their customers, employees and suppliers, providing its clients a New Way to Work.

Premier National Event

09/01/2016 - N/.a :

Join All of the Data Center Developers, Investors, Capital Sources, Engineers, End-Users and Consultants in Three-Day Summit to Discuss Federal Cloud Migration/FDCCI, Impact of AWS & More

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1stPoint Communications Acquires Certain Assets of Web Hosting Group Corp.

07/26/2016 - PISCATAWAY, NJ :

1stPoint Communications ("1stPoint") announced today that it has acquired certain virtual hosting assets from Web Hosting Group, Corp. ("WHGC"), including its Web Site Source, Speedfox and Low Priced Domains brands ("WSS"). WSS provides virtual private servers, shared hosting and domain hosting services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprise clients."We are very excited to add these services to our growing telecommunications portfolio," commented Erik Levitt, CEO of 1stPoint. Strong demand for cloud computing prompted 1stPoint to evaluate its options in the market."Our existing access to fiber and data center assets as well as our existing CLEC infrastructure, we are able to leverage our scale as well as provide new, innovative services to WSS's clients."

Randy Reineck, President of WHCG said:"We are very pleased with the outcome of this transaction and believe that the combination of these assets with the existing 1stPoint infrastructure, customers will realize both short and long term benefits."

WHCG was represented by Millitzer Capital in the transaction."We originally represented Web Site Source in it's sale to WHCG some eight years ago. I am pleased that the same group elected our firm  to assist in the consummation of a transaction which will be beneficial to both the seller, buyer and ultimately the customers of Web Site Source," commented Tom Millitzer, President of Millitzer Capital.

1stPoint announced the deployment of its hosted SMSC platform last year, adding texting to its suite of hosted voice and SIP trunking, metro Ethernet and MPLS products."The WSS assets hosting and cloud services we continue to move toward our goal of providing our clients with a new work experience," added Levitt.

Details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

1stPoint Continues Its Leadership in SMS, CEO Erik Levitt to Present at FISPA Live 2016

02/07/2016 - FISPA Live 2016 :

1stPoint Communications is quickly establishing its leadership in SMS communication. Having introduced a line of products which includes a powerful hosted and on-premise, carrier grade SMSC, an SMS notification service as, two-way P-2-P long code and short code services for business, 1stPoint has made it easy for enterprises and carriers to enter the rich world of SMS. Texting has overtaken email as the preferred method of communication, and with its commitment to developing its SMS portfolio 1stPoint is harnessing this powerful trend.

'When we investigated the space initially we found a lack of functional systems capable of allowing the smaller carriers and new entrants easy access to this important resource,' said Erik Levitt, 1stPoint's CEO. 'With our product set a customer can be conducting business using SMS in under 24 hours and only needs an email account or access to a web page. A carrier can be providing SMS services to its customers in under three days, without any commitment in long term op-ex or equipment.'

Mr. Levitt will be presenting at FISPA Live 2016 in Tampa, Florida, on Friday, February 28th at 10:15AM EST.

Investors: Asset Sales Reflect Telco Troubles, Not Colo Trends

02/07/2016 - HALF MOON BAY, Calif :

In 2011, telecom companies were major buyers of data center companies. Just four years later, they're trying to sell many of the same data center assets. Is this a sign that colocation is hurting and the the party is over for the data center sector?

Investors and analysts say the moves are a reflection of trends in the telecom sector, and driven by the strong valuations of data center assets, rather than any worrisome slowdown in the colo and cloud business.

That's the takeaway from several panels at the IMN Forum on  Financing & Investing in Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, held last week at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay...

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1st Point Communications Innovates with its SMS Platform

11/06/2015 - ITEXPO Anaheim :

Last month, TMC's Erik Linask sat down with Erik Levitt of 1st Point Communications at ITEXPO Anaheim 2015. Levitt co-founded 1stPoint Communications in 2011, and now acts as CEO of the service telecommunications carrier.

Levitt discussed the company's recently developed and implemented SMS platform, saying,"We did complete the roll-out of our SMS as planned. We terminated several million messages and I'm a little bit lax in my actual numbers, but it's a fair number. Our ability to direct route and cost route messages has definitely improved our customers' ability to complete an SMS."....

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Erik Levitt will present: "Key Concepts in Selecting Cloud Providers"

08/24/2015 - Foley & Lardner :

Erik Levitt, CEO of 1st Point Communications, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series

08/13/2015 - Online :

Erik Levitt, CEO of 1st Point Communications, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice's Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

In this episode we discuss everything from global telecommunications, the future of bandwidth, and ITExpo.

Below are a few highlights from our conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: What have you seen change for the future?

Erik Levitt: Well, as people say in this industry, we're operating in circles. And one of the most interesting aspects of the industry is the way that I start up a lot of my talks which is, "Welcome to 1964." We have effectively gone back to time-sharing. So on the technology side, we have introduced the concept of time-sharing where you now have cloud computing services that you can buy on a per minute, per hour, per month, per year basis. And that concept of time-sharing was exactly what we had in 1964, so it's now gone full circle back to mainframe.

And there are those anecdotal and humorous aspects to that - we've regressed almost half a century. But at the same time, there are also some very interesting principles because cloud services on the data side and the concept of SPN is bringing control of the infrastructure back to the end user. And also, it's creating efficiencies in both the systems architecture and the network architecture because you have all this network that goes unused, they can now be utilized.

So the efficiency of the data infrastructure and the voice infrastructure - and all of the new converged ways of communicating, where you are aggregating video with Skype for Business or new HD 64, and new video standards with SMS integration - has created new ways of communicating and new ways of doing business.

We follow that trend along with more physical aspects of our workspace. And in the workspace, we've seen a similar trend in co-working, where your typical worker doesn't have a desk anymore. They don't have their own desk, they flow fluidly through a space, which means laptops don't even make sense. Now, you need to have smaller, smaller devices that are fully functional. And I do spend a lot of time running my business on my phone.

In response to that, 1st Point has created a series of tools that we've put under the brand"a new way to work." It integrates applications onto the smallest possible devices and allows you to operate your business even at a CEO level from your smartphone by providing the integration of voice services, SMS, SMS-enabled, and landline numbers, the ability to go SMS to email, vice versa, use email in new ways, and use all these technologies, and voice and video to improve the efficiency of your workplace and change with them.

TA: What are some challenges you see right now in the telecommunications industry?

Levitt: Certainly, the regulatory environment is changing as much as it did in the 1980s. We're starting to see regulations impacted that have been in place since the deregulation of telecommunications in the country. So there are going to be a lot of positive steps taken, there are going to be a lot of missteps taken, and just as we always have in this country -- it will evolve.

Right now, that evolution is taking place as we speak. The application entitled to the Internet certainly has substantial impacts, many of which we've yet to see. And there are a lot of regulatory considerations that are now coming into play that will affect and will challenge the industry.

Technology obviously continues to evolve although we do consider largely telecommunications and computing technology to be a plateaued industry, it does have a unique nature to it. I would argue that dentistry has plateaued. If you look at the medical profession in general, it's probably pretty safe to say that we have yet to come up with an advancement more significant in medicine since penicillin.

I would argue that perhaps in technology, we haven't come up with anything since the microchip itself was invented, we probably haven't had as much of a revolution. But there are still some revolutions to come, quantum computing will certainly impact that, the ARM technology, they were great -- we were able to launch the space shuttle on computers that were inferior to 486. New Horizons has substantially better computer equipment but it's still a 25-year-old design and we got it to Pluto. So let's see what happens with the next generation of technology.

This podcast was created and published by TechnologyAdvice. Interview conducted by Josh Bland.

Next Generation Communication: Cracking the Code

Blog Post

04/05/2015 - 1stPoint HQ :

The landscape of the telecommunications industry is perpetually riddled with change. The Telecommunications Reform Act and deregulation ushered in a new era of competition and innovation, after decades of relative stagnation in a monopolistic communications environment. The Internet revolution came after that, and now, wireless. SMS and IM are replacing legacy electronic mail systems, and integration of the three technologies has now made them practically ubiquitous. This merely represents the technological changes in this landscape.

Let's add in the societal changes we see in the behavioral patterns (and subsequent changes in the uses of technology) of the Millennials and the near-Millenials (for the lack of a better word). Because of efficient workspace methods, such as co-working, there is a whole generation in the workforce that has never had a desk at all. These workers roam around, sitting in a different place each day, where they want, when they want. Now we have a landscape where the tectonic plates that form the geography of our corporate landscape have all but melted away and our work force is floating at their whim.

Publishers are faced with an interesting conundrum. Their industry was once the publication of verifiable content. Stalwarts such as the New York Times were trusted to publish what they believed was the most accurate information possible. Simon and Schuster, Random House and Harper Collins were guardians of such trusted content in book publishing. Even in television, an associated press story on the online news providers such as Yahoo News or Google, reaches the average user far more quickly than it would on the nightly news. Email or text alerts tells users of air travel incidents, weather hazards, political tension or acts of God long before we get home to hear about it on the nightly news. To check sports scores, users go to the NBA or NFL app on our mobile phone.

This fundamental paradigm shift has not just invaded the corporate world, but education as well. Online undergraduate degrees, which were shunned only a few years ago by the institutions of great pedigree are now being offered by those same top tier schools, but at a Masters level! We now watch the security system at our home from work, and the newer microwaves and convection ovens allow you to start cooking right before you leave the office. Home isn't even just within the walls of our houses any more.

Publishers must now seek to capitalize on the notion of the popular joke:"Well if it's on the Internet it must be true." Instead of farming for content created by authors and deciding what gets published (and occasionally commissioning authors to create content), they must become content hubs, using technologies like blogging and bulletin board style challenge and response mechanisms to incite discussion amongst their users, and helping guide those discussions towards"truth." Publishers can aggregate blogs, and use their reputation for reliability to attract eyeballs to that content.
As technology invades fields that have been traditionally averse, new opportunities arise. The judiciary is faced with a new set of complexities involving the use of technology and its impact on evidence.
In high technology fields, advances are staggering. At the Large Hadron Collider, scientists have replicated conditions that existed in the first moments of the Universe. In the next Alice experiment, over 1000 physicists from 100 institutions and over 30 countries hope to make first contact with other universes (we use that term loosely here for the sake of brevity) by leaking gravity through miniature black holes.

On a somewhat more mundane note, telecommunications providers are altering their business plans. The RBOCs are selling their landline assets to raise cash to enter markets such as colocation, cloud computing, over-the-top applications, mobile computing, and of course, wireless data networks. Even investment in fiber is being curtailed in favor of in content and the ability to distribute it widely.

Universities are spending a great deal of time and research dollars to investigate how this new paradigm is going to change the telecommunications industry, and more importantly, the world at large. While the focus has been on the change in the pattern of user behavior in the last quarter century, it is equally important to understand the consequences of this change in communication on decision making. Instantaneous access to vast information resources requires users to filter out unwanted or unnecessary data in much larger quantities than before and much of that data is non-authoritative.

In this series we will explore in depth the new decision making paradigms that have developed and how their impact affects the industry.

1st Point Communications is Helping the Cloud Take Shape

MSP Today Expert Feature

11/10/2014 - ITEXPO, Las Vegas :

"Traditionally, people have looked at data centers as the place where they're going to put their systems, provide space and power," Erik noted. Internet was added as a service over the last couple of years."But now, as corporate entities and enterprises are looking at the stability, the reliability and the security of various cloud offerings, they are looking at outsourcing those needs to the data centers at the next level."

Read more here:

1stPoint Communications Launches Metro DWDM Network - 10 Gig Waves - $700/month

09/04/2014 - Piscataway, NJ :

1stPoint Communications has announced the launch of its New York Metro DWDM network. Customers in many major POPs may now order 10Gbps DWDM wavelengths for $700/month, or 100Gbps at only $1300/month. Current lit facilities include:

  • 111 8th Avenue, New York, NY
  • 60 Hudson Street, New York, NY
  • 85 10th Avenue, New York, NY
  • 165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ (no monthly cross connect fee)
  • 15 Corporate Place South, Piscataway, NJ (no monthly cross connect fee).

Protected Gigabit Ethernet circuits start as low as $300/month.

For further information, click "Contact" in the menu.

1stPoint Communications Completes New York Metro Advanced Transport Network

02/12/2013 - Piscataway, NJ : Today 1stPoint Communications announced the completion of its New York metropolitan area regional network. Based on fully diverse dark fiber routes, the network interconnects the major carrier POPs in the area, including, but not limited to 111 8th Avenue, NY, NY, 165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ and 1stPoint's mega-POP in Piscataway, NJ. 1stPoint is able to quickly provision facilities for its enterprise and carrier customers at speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, with capability to increase to speeds of over 100 gigabits per second. Services include provisioning of fully diverse unprotected wavelengths as well as protected Ethernet services. "The deployment of the high speed transport network represents a significant milestone in the development of our Piscataway POP," said Erik Levitt, CEO of 1stPoint. "The underlying fiber facilities provide us unlimited access to bandwidth, and as our customer's bandwidth needs expand exponentially, the network can expand with those needs." The network leverages the wide array of fiber providers available in Piscataway, and provides other carriers easy access to the Piscataway POP from other locations in the New York metropolitan area.

1stPoint Communications Announces Carrier Managed Services

11/15/2012 - Piscataway, NJ : In response to many of the issues that plagued the ecosystem of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Internet in the days after"Super Storm" Sandy, 1stPoint Communications has launched a suite of Carrier Services products designed to aid voice and data telecommunications carriers re-design their networks and services, providing the reliability that customers have come to expect from the industry. "We experienced no backbone outages as a result of Sandy," commented Erik Levitt, 1stPoint's CEO. "During the storm our voice and data networks were unimpaired." During the days after the storm 1stPoint rushed to help voice and data customers that remained impaired, particularly those in areas hardest hit by the storm, including downtown Manhattan and all along the shore and interior of New Jersey, were many areas were without power for several days or even weeks. The new suite of products includes a highly robust, fully distributed, carrier grade Class IV routing platform with a full suite of Voice-over-IP applications which is based in 1stPoints' Piscataway and New York POPs. The suite includes full integration will all of the necessary carrier information databases and leverages 1stPoint's existing relationship with the providers of carrier information services.

1stPoint Communications Opens Piscataway POP

06/23/2012 - Piscataway, NJ : Today 1stPoint Communications announced the roll-out of its mega-POP in Piscataway, New Jersey at the new Open Data Centers carrier neutral colocation facility. The Piscataway facility offers 1stPoint the ability to interconnect freely with the wide range of carriers already available at the facility, including major nationwide transport providers, regional fiber providers, tier one Internet service providers as well as other CLECs. Piscataway will replace 60 Hudson Street in New York City as one of the two hubs for its voice network, and becomes of the three major data network hubs for the New York metropolitan area. In tandem with the voice roll-out, 1stPoint is deploying a Dense Wave Division Multiplexing network which will allow 1stPoint to easily provision point-to-point 10 gigabit facilities between major New York area POPs such as 111 8th Avenue, NY, NY and 165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ. "The Open Data Centers Piscataway facility is an ideal location to house our mission critical infrastructure," said Erik Levitt, CEO of 1stPoint Communications. "It has fully redundant physical and mechanical infrastructure, access to diverse power grids and provides us open access to all of the other carriers we need to interact with in the vast telecommunications ecosystem. Piscataway provides the ideal platform for us to expand our business rapidly," added Levitt.

1stPoint Communications Retail Application Expansion

02/09/2012 - Piscataway, NJ : 1stPoint Communications announced today its plans to expand its existing retail application and calling card business. The practice, which already includes high quality affinity products targeted towards Israeli customers, will include a series of Voice-over-IP and mobile applications. "We want to provide our residential and business customers as many access methods to our network as possible, including both voice and data services," commented 1stPoint CEO Erik Levitt. "We see the unification of our customers' communications requirements as the future of our business, and our objective is to provide those customers with the broadest range of options to meet those needs." This roll-out adds to 1stPoint's existing portfolio of services which includes advanced SIP trunking, hosted VoIP services, data access products including nationwide MPLS and regional Metro-Ethernet access services.

1stPoint Communications Secures CLEC License in New York

12/03/2011 - Piscataway, NJ : 1stPoint Communications announced today that it has obtained its CLEC license in New York, effective December 1. 1stPoint will provide local termination, origination, advanced data services and long haul facilities for its wholesale and retail clients. The New York CLEC is the second state in a planned nationwide network deployment. "We are pleased that we continue to enhance our network footprint," said 1stPoint CEO, Erik Levitt. "Throughout 2012 we intend to continue to build-out our facilities and network, which will include expanding our network, building out colocation facilities, and deploying advanced services for the benefit of our clients and end users." 1stPoint already offers nationwide MPLS and EoC service, Internet access services and a broad range of IP enabled voice services.

1stPoint Communications secures CLEC license in Florida

03/21/2011 - Las Vegas, NV : 1stPoint Communications announced today that it has obtained its CLEC license in Florida, effective March 1. 1stPoint will provide local termination, origination, Ethernet over copper, and long haul data facilities services for both wholesale and retail clients. The Florida CLEC practice is the first state in a nationwide expansion of 1stPoint's footprint. Other states will include New York, New Jersey, Texas and California, as well as several states in the Southeast and Midwest. "As we continue the nationwide build-out of our termination and origination network, we will continue to provide greater value and a broader range of solutions to our carrier and enterprise customers. In adding local access products to 1stPoint's existing portfolio, we can now provide a complete end-to-end solution to wholesale and retail customers from the premise to mobile applications. Our wholesale customers can now maintain their subscribers whether they are at home, in the office, or on their mobile phones," said Erik Levitt, 1stPoint's CEO.